Find Melbourne’s Leading Circumcision Doctor For Best Results!

Find Melbourne’s Leading Circumcision Doctor For Best Results!

Circumcision is the process of surgically removing the foreskin of the male genital. The foreskin is cut open with medical surgery and is disconnected from the organ. In some cases, this process is done on young babies as a part of religious customs and tradition, whereas it can also be performed on adults for other medical reasons. Usually, local anesthesia is given to the patients to reduce the feeling of pain. You can contact Melbourne’s leading circumcision doctor easily online and consult him for the best services. 

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What are the benefits and advantages of getting circumcision surgery?

Circumcision surgery is a traditional custom of various faiths. However, there are other medical benefits of getting this surgery as well. Some of them can be found listed below:

  • Fewer chances of HIV: It has been found that during sexual interaction between two human bodies, the foreskin of the male genital often ruptures and opens up. This gives the pathogens a doorway to enter the human body using the bloodstream. Also, the area that is between the male sex organ and the foreskin can become a healthy environment for the virus and pathogens to breed and grow. This is how the virus will be able to survive and live in the human body and can be easily transferred to the other partner in the event of sexual contact. And so, removal of the foreskin will reduce the risk of contracting the HIV virus. 
  • Hygiene purposes: Though medical research, it has been found that the men who lack the foreskin on their genital are less likely to contact unitary tract infection. The reason behind this is that the foreskin gives a living environment to the disease causing viruses and bacteria for long periods of time. However, if the foreskin is removed, there will be a lack of breeding and living ground for the virus which promotes their survival. 
  • Lesser risk of STDs: Another study has found that removal of the foreskin reduces the risks of other sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, herpes, and gonorrhea. Also, the chances of cancer in the male genital are reduced, and the superficial layer is made up of specific tissues, which are the primary victim of the STD and infection causing virus. This area can also develop cancer-causing cells. Circumcision also helps in treating pathological phimosis and refractory balanoposthitis.
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What is the procedure of removing the superficial foreskin of the male genital?

The procedure is usually performed on babies within a couple of days of their birth. It can also be performed on adults for medical purposes and to treat diseases. First and foremost, the person is given anesthesia to reduce the feeling of pain and any possible infection. Then the surgeon probes and slightly separate the foreskin using a unique tool. Then an incision is made on the foreskin, and it is pulled up and then consequently removed using a scalpel.

So, from the above information, you can understand the benefits and reasons to get a circumcision. Approach¬†Melbourne’s leading circumcision doctor¬†online!