Interesting Things to Learn Online for Free

Interesting Things to Learn Online for Free

When you are bored do you usually keep surfing the internet and end up in weird places that you have no interest in and get more bored or you find yourself just scrolling down your Facebook news feed with nothing interesting that takes your attention and then refresh and do the same again! If that person is You, then we need to change that. How about if we put that time into something more useful that you can learn for free and could benefit you later on? for that reason I have researched and gathered this information for you. This is a list of some of the most interesting skills and courses that you can learn for free online. 

interesting things to learn online for free

Duolingo – If you ever wanted to learn a new language but haven’t had the time or money to register for courses here is our preferred website for learning new languages. Now you can master any languages totally free in few month or based on the effort you put in. It is a great website for all ages because it also has gamification in every lesson where you can earn points and get challenged all the time, making learning a new language an interestingly fun thing to do. What’s also amazing about this site? That they claim it will stay free forever. – Tipnut started in 2006 it is an awesome site for DIY home improvements, hacks and tips. started with one person only writing with the intention to only help people for free and now filled with 1000s of hacks that’s not available everywhere. that is one of the main things we love about this website is it authenticity. From then members also started sharing their tips and suggestions. that’s why most of the tips there are unique and not available anywhere online.

learn how to establish your own T-shirt business – There are many companies that sell supplies for the t-shirt business, those companies usually have tutorials on almost every aspect of the t-shirt business. One of those companies is proworldinc. They have massive training videos and tutorials on how to do everything related from the equipment you need to start, to marketing and selling them. They even have a tool where you can get a copy of their website branded by your logo to direct your customers to choose the prints they want.

Another website which i think is great to spend time if you are into art and photography is Pixels. You can upload your art there and it will magically transform your master piece and add it on all kind of stuff for sale from pillows, T-shirts, shower curtains to phone covers and linen products. It is amazing when you see your image on all those products for the first time, you will be shocked how awesome they are on each product and you can submit almost any kind of art not just pictures you can submit your drawings and graphics and so on. Then you earn commission on anything that you have uploaded and made sales.

A list of interesting things to learn for free without mentioning Khan Academy is not complete. Khan Academy is a great resource for anyone to learn almost in thing for free. If you are asking where can i get free course for algebra, science, programming, history and more. Then you should try Khan Academy.

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