List of innovative Japanese Products

List of innovative Japanese Products

Japan is well known for its original and best-valued products that are readily available. Japanese products are of high quality, strange but intriguing. It is a country that has a massive array of products that might be unfamiliar to others though they fit in the country’s passion for experimentations. Innovation exists in categories such as cutlery, fashion accessories and high tech gadgets. Ingenious people make most of these products from Japan. Their main aim is to provide solutions to the daily problems innovatively and artistically



Maintaining your house plant requires a lot of work and commitment. Planty is an internet-connected smart pot that is made from Japan which gives the plants the ability to communicate their wants. It has the capability of telling you when the soil in the vessel is dry, cold or too hot and whether the plant is acquiring enough sunlight and water. You are required to install Planty app to monitor the condition of your plant at any place and at any time.

Azmaya kyusu

It is a Japanese product that is made in the traditional ceramics center of Tokoname. It is an elegantly made teapot that has an impressive look. It is entirely created from clay and ensures that the taste of your tea does not change. You can handle it with a lot of easiness since it is light and does not become hot while serving tea.

Sewer flood detector

It is a solution to the effects of heavy rainfall on the sewers. It is a technology developed by Fujitsu, where by a sensor is attached to the sewer manhole. It detects the raising water levels as the sensor transmits data wirelessly within less time. It is an excellent method that assists in reducing the effects and damages caused by floods.

Tsunago pencil sharpener

Nakajima jukyudo is a famous company in japan that makes pencil sharpeners of high quality blades. Tsunago comes up with a solution to the leftover pencil stamps. It has three holes where one of them is a common sharpener and the other two helps in forming a protrusion and a hole on different pencils. Two short pens are later interlocked to create a long one that is sealed by a little wood glue.

Kamikoto knives

Kamikoto is a well-known Japanese company for high-end manufacturing knives. Kamikoto knives are outstanding display pieces where your preference depends on your wants. They are made from high-grade steel which is sourced at a place called Honshu in Japan. They are resistant to corrosion and stored in a natural ash wood box for safety precautions. Both its blade and handle are stunning and satin-finished.

Sony FES watch

It is a unique watch made from japan by the Sony organization. It is made from electronic paper; hence you can change the face and straps in many designs that will match your mood and fashion. It is an accessory that transforms its appearance when you push the button on the side. Fes watch has low power consumption resulting in two weeks of battery life. Notably, Bluetooth will help you to connect to dedicated apps where you can control your designs.

Many genuine innovative products from Japan will relate to your home, lifestyle, accessories or food. You will find these products that will suit your needs from either online or offline shops. Note that the prices will vary depending on the kind of item you want.

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