Top Tips on Getting your Manuscript Edited Correctly

Top Tips on Getting your Manuscript Edited Correctly

Writers pour their hearts out when writing and they want to create substantial piece of literary art with their stories, opinions, ideas etc. that will leave a lasting impact on generations to come. To ensure that your manuscript is just perfect and delivers your satisfactory story to your book critics and readers, writers must know the intricate details and process of getting a manuscript editing service before they can publish their hard work out their for the book lovers.

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The first thing you must do after you’ve laid out all of your creativity and finished the first draft is to take a break so that you can refill on some more energy and new creative ideas to keep going. Once you’re back with a fresh perspective and change of atmosphere you can start by editing your first draft step by step. Start by knowing how to do the first edits on your own before you pass it on a manuscript editing service. While editing your first draft keep your spell check on and correct the spelling mistakes and grammar. Then you can move on checking the plot and the pace of the story and ensure that nothing is out of place or being dragged. Next step is to know that the characters and scene add value to the story if not then go ahead and hit delete.

Once you’ve covered these steps above you can go ahead and find a suitable manuscript editing service to perfect your masterpiece. There are different types of manuscript editing services available and below is a brief description of each kind.

  • Manuscript assessment is essential for authors who are new in the writing business and as this type of editing covers all aspects to distinguish the manuscript’s structure, style, readability, checks on grammar and word choices etc. and provides assistance and recommendations for developments.
  • Substantive editing focuses on the structure of the story and character development. In this type of editing the editors suggest rephrasing, regrouping for scenes and modifying plots to have better flow.
  • Style/Line editing should be done a plot that is already strong with a good structure and story as this type of editing is concentrated at the paragraph and sentence level to improve the clarity and keep the rhythm on track throughout the book.
  • Copyediting involves checks on the sentence level to correct grammar, spelling and punctuation but also ensures accuracy and consistency in the plot, timeline and characters. For example, if your character had red hair in chapter 2 but suddenly she has blonde hair in chapter 4 without any explanation than this will be marked up for editing.
  • Proofreading is the final step in manuscript editing and the most simple steps in the script editing process as it is simply double checking the manuscript at this point and does not involve any big changes on your plot. Proofreading mainly focuses on format, layout, grammar and spelling errors.

Now that you know the steps involved in manuscript editing and the types of editing you can make a decision on what you require for your final product. To find an editor get recommendations, check reviews and make sure they understand your requirements and must be highly skilled in the particular form of editing that you need for your manuscript.

One last thing to know about the manuscript editing services is the cost of getting it done. Many factors go into account when it comes to the final price you may pay for your manuscript editing services, such as, the type/s of editing service you require, the level of your editor and there are different ways of charging as listed below:

  • By the word would range any where from .008 cents to .08 cents per word
  • By the page could be from $2 to $10 per page
  • By the hour rates ranging from $20 to above $70 per hour