Weird But Funny Facts about Men

Weird But Funny Facts about Men

Men end up wasting thousands of gallons of gas each single year, driving around & not asking for the right directions.

A man speaks only around 2000 words per day as opposed to a woman who speaks as much as 7000 words.

If you’re looking to get attention of your man, avoid getting in a relationship when the playoff season is on. 

As compared to women, the body temperatures of men is much higher.

Weird Funny Facts About Men

If any man says he’ll call you but doesn’t, don’t assume he forgot or lost your number, he just don’t want to get back to you.

Men lose their patience too soon meaning they get irritated very quickly if a women takes too long for getting ready. 

Men are ready to date a whore but like to marry only a virgin.

At first sight, although men may get attracted to a girls physical appearances, the fact is it is not always the case of a perfect beach body. Men may also like a girl’s pretty smile, the manner in which she flicks her hair or even her way of staring at him.

Guys avoid talking about their feelings. So, don’t think that simply because a man doesn’t start a heart to heart dialogue means he’s avoiding to talk about it. Avoid threatening him with your questions & very soon he will open up with you for sure.

Men tend to a look at a woman’s cleavage irrespective of what they’re doing, if the women isn’t looking at them!

Men love getting compliments as much as women do.

Although men like having sex, however that does not indicate that they’ll be always prepared for it. So, avoid pushing them too hard if they’re too exhausted or busy. 

Guys will always avoid getting any kind of help till they realize they cannot do it on their own.

Men absolutely like women who appear pretty & shy in the beginning, however transforms into a wild cat in the bed. 

Men are likely to be quite competitive & they suffer from performance concern each time they face a defeat, no matter if it’s in the sports or bed.

Men like to take commitment quite seriously. What might look like a commitment phobia to women might just mean a man’s weighing his choices quit carefully prior to taking a dive into a fresh relationship.

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